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Duration: 22 nights / 23 days
Places to See:
Delhi, Sariska, Jaipur, Ranthambore, Bharatpur, Agra, Khajuraho, Bandhavgarh, Kanha, Nagpur, Bhubaneshwar, Kokatta, Gauhati, Kaziranga
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Indian Wildlife Tours - Explore India's rich bio-diversity in exotic lush jungles

Walk through the wilderness of the jungles, explore various national parks, reserves and wildlife sanctuaries, pursue your passion for photography, experience the ecstatic joy of spotting the wildlife in their natural habitat and quench your thirst for adventure through wildlife tours of India. The unending excitement follows you as soon as you opt for wildlife safaris - elephant safari, jeep safari, horse safari, camel safari; night camping; nature walk and even mountain treks.

The Indian wildlife tours are as diverse as its wildlife, listed here are a few key destinations:

Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh

Bandhavgarh National Park [established in 1968] is habitat to more than 200 species of birds and over 20 species of mammals. It is beautifully encircled by Vindhyan Mountains and cliffs. Wander on Jeep or elephant safari and spot its wild attractions like Bengal Fox, Sloth Bear, Hyena, Jungle Cat, Asiatic Jackal, Chausingha, Neelgai, Leopard, Indian Bison, Royal Bengal Tiger, The Small Indian Civet, Gaur and many other species of herbivores, carnivores and artiodactyls. The park has also been declared as a Tiger Reserve under ‘Project Tiger’. The vast vegetation stretches and grasslands further add to the density of the forest. You also get the fascinating sight of rare white tigers here. Rare birds like gold-fronted leafbird, minivets, white-bellied drongo, Tickell’s blue flycatcher, Jerdon’s leafbird, blue-bearded leaf-eater inhabit its natural tracts. Bandhavargh also boasts of having the majestic Bandhavgarh fort, the archaeological remains of Kalchuri period and lot of caves in the region.

Jim Corbett, Uttaranchal

Jim Corbett National Park is the India’s first national park [established in 1936]. Tigers, Leopards, Elephants and Crocodiles form the main wildlife here. Project Tiger, a conservation program to save Indian Tiger, was launched in this park that has diverse topography comprising of hills, marshes, rivers, ravines and plateaus. Named after late Jim Corbett [a naturalist, hunter and a photographer who nurtured this park], the park is situated between Sivalik and Himalayan ranges and is rich in its bio-diversity. Ramganga river, meandering through the forest is a fishing base camp and gives you lot of opportunities to view the diverse wildlife of the region. The forest also hosts over 600 species of birds. Here, you can spot the elusive Otters, Muggers, Indian Pangolin, Leopard Cat, Turtles, Golden Mahseer, Himalayan Black Bear, Sambar, Jungle Cat, Fishing Cat, Sloth Bear, Tiger, Wild Boar, Elephants and a large variety of birds.

Ranthambore, Rajasthan

The diverse flora and fauna of Ranthambore National Park, six lakes, perennial streams, Aravali Hills, its beautiful landscape, Banayan, Mango, Pipal and Dhok trees, rocky terrains invite you to follow Ranthambore’s famous tiger trails. It beautifully brings out your wilder as well as subtle photographic instincts. Dating back to 10th century, one of the oldest forts of Rajasthan, the Ranthambore Fort is also a key attraction in the National Park. The forest safari also gives you a chance to view the ruins of palaces, mosques, watchtowers and tombs in the park. Besides tigers, fort and ruins, Ranthambore is also famous for famous Chambal river that harbors the Gangetic Dolphin.

Kaziranga, Assam

One of the lesser explored regions of Himalayas and the only breeding site of Greater Adjutant, Kaziranga wildlife tour offers you a truly unforgettable experience. Known for its Leopards, Tigers and Rhinos, Kaziranga National Park is also a birding paradise. The spectacular sunsets on the Brahmaputra River; frolicking dolphins; lush tea gardens in the proximity; legendary rhinos; fascinating species of birds like the Oriental Honey Buzzard, Grey-Headed Fishing Eagle, Greylag Geese, Ruddy Shelduck, Falcated Duck, Brahminy Kite; watching the wildlife at close quarters while riding on an elephant, all make it a great wildlife adventure in Kaziranga.

Periyar, Kerala

The hilly Periyar Tiger Reserve and National Park is mainly famous for Tigers, Nilgiri Langur, Elephants, Nilgiri Tahr and the way it beautifully embraces the river ‘Periyar’. Periyar harbors many endangered species of animals and birds like the Lion tailed Macaque, Asiatic Wild Dog, Flying Lizards, Flying Squirrel, White rumped Munia, Blue eared Kingfisher, Long billed Leaf Warbler, the Cinnamon Bittern and many other predators and scavengers like Leopard, Tiger, Snakes etc. The dense tropical and deciduous forests of Periyar form the habitat of its diverse flora and fauna while also giving your senses a serene and fresh environment. Experience of exploring the wildlife via boat cruises in the Periyar Lake, amidst the beautiful Cardamom hills will serve your quest for beauty amidst wilderness in just the perfect manner.

Kanha, Madhya Pradesh

The horseshoe shaped valley of Kanha region and its amazingly rich wildlife definitely call for watching the ferocious beasts roaming in their natural habitat. The famous Jungle Book adventures of Mogli were set in this very forest in 1894. Kanha National Park has also been the research place for various studies conducted by eminent zoologists. Its key attractions are the Tiger, Surpan River, Bamboo and Sal forests, the rare Swamp Deer and Barasingha, over 170 varieties of birds, its Elephant safari taking you through its truly rich wildlife, Kanha museum and many other prey species and predators.

Gir National Park, Gujarat

The only place after Africa, to spot Lion in its natural habitat, Gir also boasts of having the largest population of Leopards in India, among all the National Parks. Gir is also home to many other species of flora and fauna that include Acacia trees, Banyan trees, Karanj, Umro, Sirus, Jambu, Nilgai antelope, Jackal, Hyena, Wild Boar, Woodpeckers, Flamingo, Bonneli’s Eagle etc. Spotting the wild cats that are on the prowl is a truly thrilling experience in itself.

Silent Valley National Park, Kerala

Located in the Kundali hills, the Silent Valley National Park makes an ideal destination for those who admire the undulating mountains, panoramic views of natural beauty, lush greens, and adventure and also for the romantic souls. The green spread of the valley forms a beautiful carpet that has a silver lining of Kunthipuzha hills. This is the nearest from you can get to the wild elephants while also maintaining a safe distance from them. It also has some rare species of herbs and plants. Its rain forests, tropical hill forests, temperate forests all make for its diverse vegetation and rich bio-diversity. The wildlife here includes lion-tailed macaque, tigers, wild boars, elephants, leopards, lizards, snakes, over 170 species of birds, near 30 species of mammals and over 30 species of reptiles.

Around 80 National Parks and over 400 wildlife sanctuaries in India offer you a fascinating experience with the amazingly diverse flora and fauna, adventurous terrains, bountiful species of birds and accommodations catering all types of travelers. Explore this unique and abundant natural wealth of Indian subcontinent via these wildlife tours.

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